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Ally Grace Hiebert

My pregnancy and diagnosis We found out we were pregnant with our little Ally Grace in November of 2008. We were so excited as we had been trying to get pregnant for awhile. Our excitement was dashed in February of 2009 when our doctor called me to tell me that the results of my maternal […]

Featured Champion

First National Bank of North Arkansas honors Employee’s baby daughter

What compassionate Employers and Co-workers! Often when a loss happens among one of our work colleagues, we are at a loss as to what to do to bring comfort to them. The fellow employees of Leslea Mann at he First National Bank of North Arkansas did something amazing.  They go together and held a fundraiser […]

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The Problem of Decision Making While in Shock
By Heather Morgan Why it is important to stop and process the news of Trisomy 18 before making any...
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