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Colm Gehlen’s Family

Parents: Pam and Corey Hometown: Burnsville, Minnesota Born to heaven at 26 weeks Colm’s Story When their triple screen came back with a 1:10 ratio for Trisomy 18 at 15 weeks, Pam and Corey decided to have a level II ultrasound. When several of the markers for Trisomy 18 were indeed found during ultrasound, they […]

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Grandmother, Emma Bowens’ nomination leads to HSN Award of $1000 (Video)

What an honor!  Triosmy 18 grandmother Emma Bowens of Atlanta. GA nominated Trisomy 18 Foundation to be nationally-recognized as one of 30 nationally selected charities in HSN Community Appreciation Month in April 2015.   T18F was honored on April the 18th as the Charity of the Day to receive a $1,000 award from HSN Cares, […]

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Grandmother Emma Bowens’ Nomination Leads to HSN Cares Award of $1000
We are thrilled to learn that the Trisomy 18 Foundation was nominated by one of our Trisomy 18 grandmothers,...
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The Foundation is in the midst of what we’re calling the GREAT MIGRATION this week.  A year in the...
The Problem of Decision Making While in Shock
By Heather Morgan It is important to stop and process the news of Trisomy 18 before making any quick...
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