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Letter from Victoria Miller

Founder and Executive Director

Welcome to the Trisomy 18 Foundation

Victoria MillerHere at the Foundation, we are embarking upon an era of new hope, an era in which Trisomy 18 can become a preventable and treatable condition for future generations.  NOW is the time to bring that hope into the world and to make a new day.  A new day when no child is ever again lost to Trisomy 18.  A new day when no other parent’s hope for their child is stolen by Trisomy 18.  A new day when Trisomy 18 is a preventable and treatable condition.  A new day that we can make a reality together for future generations because we dare to hope again!

In 2001, our son Isaac was born and diagnosed with Trisomy 18.  What should have been a joyous occasion turned into a moment of tragedy when my husband, Don and I learned that Trisomy 18 had stolen the life we imagined with our baby son.  Isaac remained with us a short but loving 11 days before we had to return him to God.  Thus began our family's journey with Trisomy 18.

Since the Trisomy 18 Foundation’s beginnings, its core commitment has been to support families coping with a Trisomy 18 diagnosis.  We are committed to supporting ALL families without regard to ethnicity, age, family structure, religious beliefs, or economic status with a focus on advancing informed decision-making to improve health and medical outcomes for the child and family unit.

Since our beginnings, over 10,000 mothers, fathers, grandparents, and family supporters have been served by our nationally-recognized programs.  Those just learning about their child’s Trisomy 18 diagnosis can  immediately access diverse community support from peers who have walked the same path as theirs. 

To families just learning about Trisomy 18, we welcome you to this caring community.  Together we will help each other.  This website was designed to provide you with the information, support and tools you need - no matter where you are on the path today.  And we will be here, walking beside you, throughout you and your child’s journey with Trisomy 18.


“Every child’s life, no matter how fragile their life or brief their days, forever changes our world.” Victoria Miller

About the Future

As a global community, we can and must do more to make Trisomy 18 a preventable and treatable condition for families.  Trisomy 18 is fundamentally a health and medical crisis that affects those in their child-bearing years.  It occurs in 1:3000 live births and is far more common than is generally understood.  Families need more than just comfort while they cope and endure.  They need immediate solutions for themselves and their children who struggle and die too soon. 

The Foundation is busy crafting those solutions in collaborative efforts with health professionals groups, international research leaders, and public health agencies cutting across many different disciplines and medical specialties. Your help is needed to get there!  We must prevent and reduce how often Trisomy 18 happens in pregnancy and we have to improve the health outcomes for children who are born struggling with the consequences of having an extra 18th chromosome.    

In honor of all our children with Trisomy 18...yesterday, today and tomorrow,

VJM New Signature


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Victoria is recognized as Strategic NonProfit Leader

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