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Welcome to the Photo Album Archives

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The Photo Albums are a feature provided to the members of our Online Support Community where they can share photos of their precious children. With the introduction of the "Our Child's Legacy" program in March, 2007, parents can now share up to 20 photos as well as their child's story, instead of the limit of 3 photos in the photo albums area.

Therefore, any families wishing to create a new photo album should instead create a Legacy Page. Even if you haven't yet written your child's story, you may use your page as a photo album and add your child's story later. In addition, you can create a special link ( that is much easier to give to family and friends who wish to view your child's pictures.

Although new albums will no longer be created, you may still view all existing albums and update your pictures if you already have an album.

This section fulfills a major need for many parents: to have a place to share their child with others. Often  friends and family feel awkward around pictures of a child who has passed away or who was born still, and it is a relief for parents to have a place to share their children with others who understand their joy and pride in their child, no matter how brief their life.

As you will see, all of our children are beautiful. Some have had shorter or more difficult journeys than others and their appearance may be different from what you are used to seeing.

Please look at all of these children with loving, parents' eyes, for they are all deeply treasured.

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The Trisomy 18 Foundation offers this space to parents as part of the Support Program. Parents have full control over which pictures they feel comfortable sharing with the Community.  For many parents, sharing pictures of their child is an important part of their healing, and it is for that purpose these albums are provided.

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