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For Professionals

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For Professionals

If you are a medical professional or caregiver, thank you for caring enough to read this! You are such an important part in the entire journey that starts with the diagnosis but goes on long afterwards. When a parent receives a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18 or another disorder that is considered "incompatible with life", the news is devastating. You no more want to give this news than the parents want to hear it. Although you may be the one who has to break the news, there is much that only you, as a medical professional, can provide to the parents.

Unless you are a specialist in a highly populous area, you probably have not dealt with Trisomy 18 that often. It may be helpful for you to reacquaint yourself with it, as well as find out what some of the latest research says. See What is Trisomy 18? for a brief overview and What does the research say? for some of the latest research on Trisomy 18.

You have the opportunity to play a huge role in helping the parents to deal with and heal from the devastation of this diagnosis. First, the way the diagnosis is presented plays a big part in how the parents will handle it. See Why how you break the news is so important for information about this.

Second, parents can start the healing process before their child is even born. How to help parents heal from the moment of diagnosis has details about the significant role that medical professionals can play in that healing. Finally, parents will be looking for guidance about making the best choices for their child. Helping parents make the best choices gives pointers for how to do this.

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