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What are our Advisory Councils?

Our Advisory Councils are groups of Volunteers who have a particular area of interest and expertise and who are committed to using that expertise to improve the programs and services of this Foundation. They may provide suggestions for program content or even create it themselves. They may critique and test out new ideas and approaches before the official launch.

Members of Advisory Councils may also be on the Board of Directors, but do not have to be. In fact, participation in an Advisory Council may be a good training ground for those who desire to someday be on the Board of Directors. Each Advisory Council also includes at least one staff member from the appropriate program. Following are the Advisory Councils and their areas of expertise:

Family Advisory Council

This group is for parents who have already had a child with Trisomy 18 and wish to improve the programs and offerings for future parents using our services. This council may be involved with evaluating our web-based programs from the parents' perspective, identifying new services to offer in our support program, and other areas relating to the Support Program. Join our Family Advisory Council.

Medical Advisory Council

This group is for Health Professionals who wish to improve the programs and offerings both for parents and for other health professionals. This council will be involved with developing our medical content, both online and in print, and in determining the best avenues for disseminating this information. Join our Medical Advisory Council.

Research Advisory Council

This group is for research professionals who wish to help define and shape the research efforts surrounding Trisomy 18. In addition to keeping us informed about the latest research, this council will help determine what types of research the Foundation should fund. Join our Research Advisory Council, or learn more about our Research Advisory Council.


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