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Remembering A Child

If you already have said goodbye to your precious child, we are very sorry. The grief of losing a child is like no other. We are here to support you. 

There is no right or wrong way to grieve, but there are healthy ways to grieve that lead to healing. These involve recognizing your emotions and feeling them, no matter how difficult it is.

We have many resources here to help you do that.

It is often helpful to read stories of others who have lost their child and who have started to heal.

Visit these links for stories and photos:

It is important to grieve the loss of your child. Families who have lost children have shared some activities that were helpful in their healing:

  • Keep a journal
  • Write a letter to your child
  • Create a scrapbook
  • Maintain a website
  • Nurture a garden
  • Help others
  • Wear a keepsake

Some families choose to have fundraising events in their child’s memory:

  • Golf tournament
  • Walk-a-thon


Other ways to work through grief:

  • Read literature about loss and grief
  • Join a support group
  • Talk with a counselor
  • Share your emotions and experiences with other families in our online Support Community


Here is some additional reading that may be helpful:

Celebrating your child

Suggestions for ways to celebrate the life of your precious child.


Coping with Mother's Day
In a recent online survey of grieving mothers, over half of the mothers surveyed considered Mother's Day to be their most difficult holiday. So what can you do?


What is Your Child's Legacy?

No matter how brief their lives, our children can leave a very important legacy.


Introducing "Our Child's Legacy" Program
The Trisomy 18 Foundation is excited to announce a new program for supporting parents of children with Trisomy 18. Called "Our Child's Legacy", this program provides parents with an easy way to create a website for their child, including a photo album, guestbook, and friendly URL to share with friends and family.
Threads of Hope Bible Study
A Bible Study designed for those who have suffered a pregnancy loss.
Rights of Parents When a Baby Dies: Choices or Mandates?
Effective ways of presenting choices to parents at the time of their loss
NYTimes Article: After Ending Pregnancy, Ripples of Pain
Parents who have experienced the joy of bringing a healthy child into the world can hardly imagine the pain of losing a baby, even one not close to being born.
Loss and Grief
I am not a psychiatrist, a psychologist or a family counsellor, but having observed my fellow moms and dads on this road called grief, I am compelled to include this chapter on grief.
NYTimes on study about risks of subsequent pregnancy too soon
VITAL SIGNS At Risk: Putting Time Between Newborns By ERIC NAGOURNEY New York Times August 19, 2003
Getting Past the Hurt
Grieving and Healing; dealing with anger and depression
The Journey
An allegory describing the grief of losing a child
How to Help Your Children Grieve
This article, an excerpt from the book "We Were Gonna Have a Baby, But We Had an Angel Instead" by Pat Schweibert, has some excellent information in it on how children grieve and how we can help our children to grieve.
Love Never Dies
Time stretches out here on earth the past moving almost imperceptively into the future. The ebb and flow of days, months even years serves as a mental shading for our lives.

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