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Volunteer Roles and Tasks

There are many types of roles and tasks available. Some work more directly with our affected families, for example, moderating the message boards or sending cards and eCards. Others work more with the educational side, for example, writing articles or reviewing medical literature. Still others work behind-the-scenes, for example, updating the web site, assisting families with using features of the site, or assisting with many other administrative tasks.

Some roles provide for a more structured, consistent opportunity to volunteer, such as responding to incoming email questions or moderating message boards. Others are more flexible, not requiring specific daily or weekly commitments, such as writing articles as needed.

Current Needs:

Bereavement Committee reaching out to families in their time of need

  • identifying and tracking needs (eg following message boards and noting birth dates, dates of loss, etc.) (need organizational skills)
  • tracking card volunteers and inventories of supplies  which items assigned to which person, if supplies are running low, which items are completed (need organizational skills and some knowledge of Microsoft Office)
  • Sending cards to parents with recent losses
  • Sending cards to parents notifying them of a donation in their child's name
  • updating dedication page with new donations received in honor of children (need moderate computer skills)

Awareness / Remembrance Committee
offering meaningful keepsake and awareness items to families

  • identifying potential new items to offer
  • coordinating details with supplier for items to be added to eStore (need organizational skills)
  • track orders submitted, communicate with supplier, and communicate with purchasers as needed about their orders (need organizational and moderate computer skills).

Parent Support Committee
families helping other families who are coming after them

  • moderating message boards
  • helping develop a training program for parent mentors what things do they need to know to best help others? How would parent mentors be used?
  • Identifying and creating resource listings to help us respond to parents' inquiries (eg agencies)

Writing committee

  • Writing articles about how different families have handled key situations, based upon various responses found in the message boards (eg ways to write a birthplan, when and how to plan the funeral, burial versus cremation, what testing to have, how to tell siblings, what to do on birthdays, etc.).
  • Writing articles about Foundation Volunteers
  • Writing articles about Foundation Events
  • Reviewing and writing about research
  • Reviewing books about grief or related areas

Administrative Support
helping staff handle the day-to-day activities involved in running the organization

  • Data entry, “cleaning up” data (like addresses, etc.) in spreadsheets (need some skills with Microsoft Office)
  • Website administrative tasks putting content on webpages using a WYSIWYG editor (need moderate computer skills)
  • Website administrative tasks resolving duplicate records comparing user records and determining if they are the same person or not (eg registered twice, once as Susan and once as Sue, typo in email address:, etc.)
  • Website administrative tasks downloading reports and copying and pasting into spreadsheets for analysis (need moderate skills using Microsoft Office)

To discuss specific tasks currently available, fill out our Volunteer survey and participate in a Volunteer Orientation Call.

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